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Our UBC Dance Club Memories…

With the 50th Anniversary of the UBC Gala Ball coming up next weekend, Joel and I are reminiscent of our earlier UBC days. There is so much history involved between us and the UBC Dance Club that we just can’t help getting sentimental over it all. We had our video interview with Olivia Yung (UBC Dance Club Bookings Rep) the other day, and we had a lot of fun recounting old stories. Here are some of the top 5 highlights… read more

Choosing a Song for your First Dance

Venue, dress, catering… check, check, check. Invitations sent out… check. Now what’s left for your wedding preparations? Plan your First Dance at your Wedding! It’s really the only part in your whole wedding day where you and your fiance are up to your own. No minister or official telling you what to say, no photographer telling you where to stand, no wedding planner telling what’s next. read more

Lifts & Tricks!!!

The JC Performance Team is going to be doing several shows at Robson Square this Friday. Some of the shows you may have seen before, and some may be new. Regardless, we have tried to incorporate a few new lifts and tricks that will be done this Friday for the very first time! read more

Dancing: Natural or Learned?

In order to really master any form of dance, the sequence of understanding has to be there. As my Danish teacher, Hans Laxholm, always says… You must go ‘from knowing nothing – to knowing everything – to knowing nothing’. read more

Don’t Just Practice Harder, Train Smarter!!!

Time and time again, I see too many dancers waste their time “practicing”. They think that being at the ballroom for 2 to 3 hours means that they are hard working and diligent students; but in reality, they really don’t accomplish much. Either they are running through material aimlessly, not knowing what to fix and how to fix it; or they are standing on the floor “discussing” (or worse arguing) about what they should be doing. read more

The Lost Art of Social Dancing

I have to say that I am a tad disappointed to see that more competitors don’t come out to Robson Square. I know that everyone is super-busy and that there are a million other things to do, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say… I suspect (and you can all comment and correct me if I’m wrong) that many competitors don’t come, because they are not comfortable dancing outside their comfort zones! read more

Dancing Requires Energy Plus!

Ballroom Dancing has certainly changed over the years! Just the name itself already gives you a hint to where it has gone: DANCESPORT. Whether you like it or not, Ballroom is definitely more athletic these days. Especially in the IDSF amateur categories, dancers are pushing the limits as to how fast they can go and how far they can move! read more

Straight Arms and Broken Backs!

Shaping is one of those things that are so often misunderstood. Often dancers break their backs and necks in order to attain what they perceive as a big shape. One of my biggest pet peeves is ladies that dance with a straight right arm. It is obvious that they do not know how to create shape properly, and are therefore using that right arm to push themselves into the space that they think they should be in. read more

Making an ASSumption Out of You and Me

As the Snowball Classic draws near, many people are feeling the pressure of competing at this important local event. Here’s one main ingredient that causes tensions to rise and emotions to flare at this stressful time. Please read this article, keep your cool, and have a positive and productive practice… read more

The Dance (Baby) Whisperer – Introduction

As I am reading and re-reading the Baby Whisperer, I discover so many parallels that could be very useful for Ballroom dancers. Just like for the Baby Whisperer, there is no singular almighty solution that is perfect for everyone; each baby and each family (or each dancer and dance partnership) needs to look within themselves and find the strategy that best suits their individual situations. read more