Group Dance Classes

Affordable ballroom classes in Vancouver

Highest qualified teachers, for the lowest possible price

Group ballroom dance classes are traditionally the most affordable way to learn to dance ballroom. The same is true here at JC Dance Co, but we’re proud to say that the quality of instruction is not sacrificed in any of our group lessons. Receive the same top quality instruction in our group lessons as you will in our private lessons. We offer Newcomer classes for total beginners. We offer Intermediate classes for those already bitten by the dance bug. We offer PEAK Performance Training classes especially designed for competitive dancers looking to turbo boost their competitive fundamentals.

Introductory Classes for Total Beginners

Beginner Group Classes

A perfectly fun and pressure free introduction to the world of Ballroom Dancing. You’ll learn the Waltz, Cha Cha, Tango, Rumba, Social Foxtrot, Quickstep & Jive. Come and learn how to properly ballroom dance. No partner required! Joel promises clear and easy-to-understand instruction in a fun and relaxed environment.

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Upgrade Your Skills and Knowledge

Intermediate Group Classes

Once you’ve completed the Newcomer classes and are comfortable enough with those steps, be confident you can graduate to our Intermediate Group Classes! You’ll build on the basic steps you already know and learn new steps with additional technique, but still in the same fun environment that makes learning so easy with Teacher Joel. Both standard & Latin figures are taught at the Pre-Bronze, Bronze and Silver syllabus level.

Click the button below to join! Singles and couples all welcome. Drop ins welcome!!!

Performance Enhancing Approach to Kompetition

PEAK Training

PEAK is the ultimate training session for DanceSport competitors. If you are ready to be pushed to the next level, if you are ready to challenge both your body and mind, and if you believe that a coaches’ direction can help produce a more productive and focused training sesssion, PEAK is exactly what you are looking for. These classes supplement your private lessons by challenging your skills towards competitive dancing.

PEAK is Vancouver’s longest running competitor training session and addresses topics like Floorcraft, Presentation, Mental Preparation, Warm-Up, Drills, Stamina Training and more! Many of the teaching methods that Joel & Clara use were developed from their experiences training in England, Italy and Denmark. This is your chance to train like top level dancers from around the world, here in Vancouver!

Looking to inject new energy into your company?

Corporate Programs

Do you need a team building activity for you and your employees? Do you want to develop a creative and new fitness program for your employees to do together? Look no further. JC Dance Co. can create a personalized corporate program for you! We can design anything from a one day workshop to a weekly class that will provide a healthy way to create a more productive and cohesive team. Participants don’t need to come with a partner, because partner switching will ensure that nobody’s left out. Contact us for details.