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Day 1: Corona Quarantine Daily Vlog
Day 1: Corona Quarantine Daily Vlog 150 150 Archive

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3 Tips for Dance Lesson Success

So you’re considering going to your first ballroom dance lesson, eh?  Fear not, because here are some simple yet very helpful tips to find dance lesson success. Be a pattern pro. Beginner dance lessons are all about learning simple patterns of steps and timings.  Try to group the steps into simple patterns and understand how…

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5 Tips For a Great Robson Square Summertime Experience

Congrats to all you newcomers who have completed the UBC Dance Club 16 week newcomer program.  Although it’s sad that classes are coming to an end, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a great summer of ballroom dancing here in Vancouver.  Here are 5 insider tips to get the most out of the much anticipated…

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A Groom’s Realistic Expectations for Wedding Dance Lessons

When getting married, a guy has a great many difficult decisions to make in order to create the meaningful and memorable wedding his bride deserves.  Rest assured that deciding to take wedding dance lessons should not be one of them.  Let’s figure out what you can expect from dance lessons, and maybe in the process you’ll gain insight if…

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Top 5 Simple Yet Awesome Gifts for Ballroom Dancers

Top 5 Simple Yet Awesome Gifts for Ballroom Dancers Do you have a special someone on your shopping list that ballroom dances?  Don’t know the difference between Supadance and Chrisanne Clover?  Quickstep those worries away, and check out our list for the top 5 simple yet awesome gift ideas for ballroom dancers.   1. Tennis balls These…

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The Perfect Holiday Gift that Never Stops Grooving

Like the song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”… that is, unless you’re stuck at the mall scratching your head trying to find the perfect holiday gift. It’s true the perfect gift comes in many different shapes and sizes.  Some come in the form of sparkling jewelry, while others come in the…

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Top 5 Reasons to Take Wedding First Dance Lessons

Wedding First Dance Lessons at JC Dance Co Here at JC Dance Co. we’re in full swing for our seasonal summer rush of  wedding First Dance lessons.  We’re currently working with a bunch of great couples as they prepare for their summer 2016 wedding, and more specifically for their First Dance.  Some of these couples…

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The Inner Sound of Dance

Clara showed me some of the feedback from our Robson Square show on her Facebook wall the other day. Among all the very cool comments (which btw, thanks everyone!), there was a question posted about whether or not I make the same sounds I did during our solo Waltz demonstration as I did in competition. read more