The 6th Year of VCC

VCC Organizers:  David, Clara & Michel

It’s Monday, just over a week after my annual time of chaos, otherwise known as the Vancouver Challenge Cup.  Most people know that as event organizers, David, Michel & I are extremely busy with preparations during the last few weeks leading up to the event.  However, it’s just like someone said to me during the weekend: It’s like going through labour.  It’s hard work during the process, but so worth it in the end!  HAHAHA!!!  So true!  We are so proud of our “baby” that each year, we forget about the pain and do it all over again!  😀

This year marked our 6th year of the Vancouver Challenge Cup, and it was indeed the best year yet!  Our inboxes were flooded with positive comments from everyone:  from judges, volunteers, competitors, parents and spectators.  Seeing everyone’s smiling faces and looks of appreciation definitely makes it all worthwhile!  Our mission has always been to ensure that everyone has fun at our event, and I believe we accomplished our goal!!!

VCC Mixer

It seems quite cliche to thank everyone for their support, but honestly, the 3 of us could not hold an event without the support of EVERYONE who has helped us over the years.  Our sponsors and VIP guests are especially important to make this event happen.  Thanks to their continued support year after year, we are able to dress up the venue and transform the Hellenic Centre into a magical place!  Everyone who steps into the ballroom always comments on how warm and full of energy the place is.

Not only is the warm and friendly atmosphere due to the awesome decor and lighting surrounding us, but also because of the PEOPLE!  Every year, I have a wonderful team of volunteers that help me through the weekend.  Not only are they hard workers that put everything they have into their ‘jobs’, but they are also a great group of warm and friendly people who help everyone feel at ease as they walk through the front doors.  I am so grateful to have such a good team behind me each, and especially thankful to those who stayed ’til the bitter end!  (Sorry Dom, that you just missed the picture!)  We had a record cleanup time at the venue, finishing at 1:30am!  🙂

Packed floor during General Dancing!

Thanks to all the dance professionals, studios and parents who bring their students and kids year after year.  We can put on a great event, but if there aren’t any dancers, then it wouldn’t be much fun, would it?  Thanks for trusting us and bringing your excitement and enthusiasm with you.

Jack & Jill Waltz

I have to say… This year our fun events reached a new high!  Our circle mixer was huge; our Team Match was a great success; and the Jack & Jill Waltz… well, I have no words.  Let’s just say, you guys really outdid yourselves this year!  Here is an epic shot that describes it all.  If you weren’t there, you really missed out!  It was one of the most memorable moments of my whole weekend (besides trying to keep a straight face during the Pro show)!

Pro Show: Spice Girls & BackStreet Boys

Speaking of memorable moments, it is always great fun working with the other “distinguished professionals” in our dance world.  If you weren’t there, you will see pictures and videos being posted all over the place… but the real life action was something to behold!  😀  The 2 weeks leading up to the show are always the most fun.  These pros are creative, passionate, goofy, enthusiastic and just so much fun to work with!  Even though we are all dance teachers and past competitors, we appreciate that dance is not always about being correct; it’s about the love, joy and laughter that dance brings to us all!


And that just about sums up VCC 2019.  We sincerely hope that VCC has brought the love, joy and laughter of dance to you all!


PS  Special thanks to my husband Joel and 2 daughters  for being patient with me during the last week leading up to the event.  As they now know, after the past few years, I normally go AWOL during the last week and am not involved in any of the household activities.  Even when I’m there, I’m not really there, as my mind is usually on my To Do List, forever adding more things.  Thanks also to my parents and Joel’s parents for picking up my slack with the kids and also helping with the event itself.  It truly takes a village!  <3


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