Slow Dance Tips: How to Dance with a Partner
Slow Dance Tips: How to Dance with a Partner 150 150 Clara Shih

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Day 1: Corona Quarantine Daily Vlog
Day 1: Corona Quarantine Daily Vlog 150 150 Archive

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Why Dance is an Essential Skill for Growing Up

When people first find out that I’m a dance teacher and a mother, one of the first things they ask is:  “Do your kids dance?”  Well, of course they do!  But few people actually know WHY they dance.  Do I put them in dance classes so that they could one day follow in their parents’…

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The 6th Year of VCC

VCC Organizers:  David, Clara & Michel It’s Monday, just over a week after my annual time of chaos, otherwise known as the Vancouver Challenge Cup.  Most people know that as event organizers, David, Michel & I are extremely busy with preparations during the last few weeks leading up to the event.  However, it’s just like…

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5-Step Competition Warmup

A good warmup is essential for competition success.  Not only does it prime your body to perform at its best, but it also prevents injury and is good for your health in the long run.  Don’t go straight into a 5-dance cold and expect to dance well.  You need to spend a good chunk of…

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Another Birthday To Be Thankful For

2018 BC Legends of Dance Award goes to Joel & Clara Marasigan This past weekend, another birthday has gone by.  After 40-something years, I am pretty used to the fact that my birthday often coincides with Thanksgiving weekend.  For the last 2 years though, not only has it coincided with Thanksgiving, but also the Delta…

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3 Tips for Dance Lesson Success

So you’re considering going to your first ballroom dance lesson, eh?  Fear not, because here are some simple yet very helpful tips to find dance lesson success. Be a pattern pro. Beginner dance lessons are all about learning simple patterns of steps and timings.  Try to group the steps into simple patterns and understand how…

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An Interview with Simon & Frances

Meet Simon & Frances… A retired Financier & Sociology professor, husband & wife team, who seek fulfillment in life through ballroom dancing. Names:  Simon Pau & Frances Chiang Age:  Simon: 69 years old;  Frances: 64 years old Education:  Simon: Postgraduate in Business and Undergraduate in Economics & Sociology Frances: Ph.D in Sociology Occupation:  Simon: retired Financier Frances:…

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